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Our history

More than 7 years, the TulSun Foundation together with its partners have changed the future of 2 300 children. Today, almost 350 children from six social institutions are under the monthly TulSun`s care and need constant support.

At the beginning of 2000, the TulSun Foundation started as a corporate social responsibility department in the world auditing company «ControlPay». After the opening of the first office in Kyiv, the Dutch founder Karel Kinds identified an additional priority for his business, namely to have positive social impact and help children who really need it. The ControlPay’s foreign leadership realized how much different the economic status of Ukraine from their homeland, and how desperate some Ukrainian children need help.

The TulSun Foundation started out as the social responsibility department of the leading global freight audit company, ControlPay, in the early 2000s. After establishing the company’s head office in Kyiv, ControlPay’s Dutch founder Karel Kinds set an additional priority for the firm: to have a positive social impact, to assist those in need, especially children. Having lived both in the Netherlands and in Ukraine, the Dutch management of the company knew how large the difference in economic status was… and how desperately some kids needed help.

Since 2016, the TulSun Foundation has become an independent charity organization with the direct aim of helping orphans and children with disabilities. We have no hidden political, governmental or religious associations, as well as close ties with someone like them. Our mission is shared by such world corporations as: ACER Ukraine, GlobalLogic, PUMA, Premier Palace Hotel, as well as local business and volunteers. The TulSun Foundation focuses on providing long-term and tangible assistance in all areas of children`s life.

The TulSun Foundation is two countries that have joined together to bring happiness and positive changes to the lives of Ukrainian children. These are two national flower symbols: The Dutch tulip and the Ukrainian sunflower, which joined together to create the TulSun Foundation.

Financial reports & documents

In this section, everyone can learn more about the help in the tigures that children received through donations from foreigh philanthropists, partners and all indifferent people during a certain period.

Download the TulSun Foundation official documents if needed, as well as read the official support letter from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine.

The TulSun foundation is also officially supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, you can view the official letter of support

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