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During the TulSun Foundation’s long-time work with orphanages, we encountered that many children there had various health problems. Therefore, TulSun started what we call a Healthy Journey to find a way to help these kids to have a better and „healthy” future.

Healthy Journey was founded in 2019 in partnership with UniversumClinic. The project involves a full spectrum of medical examinations to kids under the personal control of UniversumClinic.

What the project does

  • Examination of children’s health via blood tests and any other type of analysis
  • Creation of personal medical cards for each child in project
  • Consultations with therapist and other specialized doctors
  • Treatment of identified illnesses
  • Providing medication, surgeries, and procedures needed in each unique case
  • Psychological help from the specialized doctors
  • Dentist help
  • Nutrition program
  • Vaccination
  • Leading every kid to the full recovery