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Knowledge and creativity are the key to success!

Unfortunately, in today’s world, vulnerable children are not only deprived of care and love. Gaining the right knowledge is a very important stage in every child’s life.

In prosperous families, parents return home from work with their child to check the quality of homework. And who will help to children from an orphanage, for whom the child will tell a studied poem and show a written work?

TulSun Foundation tries to create the best conditions for its wards for a promising and happy future. TulSun has launched the Smart and Creative project so that every child can gain all the necessary knowledge and develop their creative abilities, which in the future will help them choose a profession and enter higher education.

The TulSun Foundation organizes computer classes, individual and group classes in various school subjects, as well as music and creative arts on the territory of orphanages.

What the project does
  • individual and group English classes
  • individual and group classes in the Ukrainian language
  • individual and group classes in mathematics
  • individual and group classes in music and creative arts
  • computer class equipment