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During the TulSun Foundation’s long-time work with orphanages, we encountered that many children there had various health problems. This was a good reason to create a charitable project “Healthy Journey”, which aims to help children from orphanages to receive proper medical support from the best specialists.

Healthy Journey was founded in 2019 in partnership with UNIVERSUM.CLINIC. The project involves a full spectrum of medical examinations to kids under the personal control of UNIVERSUM.CLINIC.

What the project does?
  • examination of children’s health via blood tests and any other type of analysis;
  • creation of personal medical cards for each child in project;
  • consultations with therapist and other specialized doctors;
  • treatment of identified illnesses;
  • providing medication, surgeries and procedures needed in each unique case;
  • psychological help from the specialized doctors;
  • dentist help;
  • nutrition program;
  • vaccination;
  • leading every kid to the full recovery.