The project "My future profession" is created for children from orphanages. The aim of the project is to tell teenagers about different professions in general and to show how a process is going in modern companies. Today teenagers almost don't know about reality of relevant professions, especially we are talking about inmates from orphanages. This leads to unconscious choice of profession, what is influencing on the quality of studying and future work.

Our goal - to familiarise children with different modern professions and to convey to them, that the choice of future profession should be conscious and independent. We want to motivate children, inspire them and to open their talents.


To give a list of professions, which is planning to show

To appoint a responsible person for hosting

To give a list of speakers, curators and moderators

To ensure a place for parking, wardrobe, sound system (if it will be needed)


- Curators and moderator of the company meet children near buses and form them in groups.

-Curators accompany children to the office and help them take off their outer clothing, show them the office (WC, kitchen, access to drinking water, etc.)

-Moderator of the company and organizers from the Foundation give an introductory statement and tell children how the process will be going.

- Speakers of the company (have a badge with their names and positions) take their location and wait for curator, who accompanies a group of children.

- Every curator lead children (following concrete plan) to speakers and oversee the discussion.

- Moderator of the company is checking time and announces the time of start and finish of speaker's statement. Approximately 8 minutes for every profession.

- When speakers familiarise all groups with their professions, a moderator announces about the end of this stage and invite children, speakers and moderators to the final words.

- Moderator ask children about their impressions, which professions are the most interesting in the company, etc (information prepared by organizer).

- After ending the official part, every curator accompanies his group to the wardrobe, the to a bus and wait for departure.

Everyone of You could be a participant of the project "My future profession!"..

Currently, we develop a web platform, which will help to create communication between children and companies, which are ready to present their work places. The goal of the project is to give a chance to children from orphanages for better future, to create opportunity for self-realization, get educa



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