Social project "Kids game"

Game - a special form of child assimilation of reality by modeling or interpreting and interaction between people. The game is considered as the main type of leading children's activities, multifaceted effect on the mental development of the child. The game allow children to acquire new skills, abilities, knowledge, get acquainted with the environment, learn communication socialized. The game is a mean of thinking, learning by heart, paying attention, imagining, learning languages, acting emotional and volitional.


Studies show that children with disabilities. The most important task of psychologists and pedagogues-dialectologists is teaching children to play games. Objects are required in developing games for children. They could be furniture for plot-role-playing games, dolls, educational toys, board games, printing, small and large building blocks, soft toys, game attributes, elements of costumes for theater plays and others.


Psychologist organizes appropriate gaming environment using gaming furniture and toys, placing them in a room so that they are accessible to children. Learning to play is the form of individual and group sessions.

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