My Future Profession is a long-term educational project that shows children new paths to building a better future by connecting them with mentors and working communities of successful, progressive companies. Kids in orphanages and social rehabilitation centers often have no real way to see the amazing opportunities available in life through making the right professional choices. Common children’s plans for the future include menial, low-paying jobs because other paths seem unattainable and confusing.

My Future Profession events take place every year, since we consider informing and inspiring children to pursue exciting careers to be incredibly important.

Our partners in this project are companies from variouos industries, including IT, hospitality, legal, advertising and others that show kids modern job opportunities and skills, likely to pave the way to a successful, fulfilling career.

We’re always glad to welcome new partners in this endeavor, as every additional profession and skill we show the children together will further broaden their horizons.

Charity is more than just providing immediate help. It’s also about sharing knowledge and providing guidance for a breathtaking life’s journey.

What the project does:

  • - Shows children amazing professions and career paths of the future

  • - Help kids believe they can attain more than just menial jobs

  • - Gives children practical knowledge and understanding of professions

  • - Helps with mentorship opportunities.

How you can do incredible things for kids:

  • - Show children your company, profession and how they work

  • - Inspire kids by telling them about your own skills and career story

  • - Help children with professional or educational courses/training

  • - Become a mentor to kids with special enthusiasm for your profession.



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