Healthy Journey Project arose from the previous Foundation charity work. TulSun has a long history of helping several orphanages with necessary goods on different projects.

During the many visits of TulSun to the Orphanages, we encountered health problems with the children, living there.

So TulSun started what we call a „Healthy Journey” to find a way to help these kids to have a better, healthy life and future.

In September 2019 in a tight cooperation with Universum Clinic who offered to provide all the medical services needed for the project, Healthy Journey started with a focus group of 30 kids from social rehabilitation center and family type of orphanage in Kyiv region.

Children went through a full medical examination, blood testing, pediatric and narrow specialists’ consultations. Many problems were found in cardiology, gastroenterology, and ophthalmology. Several kids required specific surgeries. And all of them needed dentists work and psychological help.

Healthy Journey provides these kids with the necessary aid including healthy food, medicine, therapy and more to give them a chance to live a healthy life.

During 6 months TulSun will do its utmost to get those kids on a next level, and hereafter we will present all the results we achieved.

In May 2020 TulSun will organize a conference in Kyiv to present these results, and we will invite everyone who is interested in this project. We already can say that at this conference we will have speakers from all over the world, like Unicef and others, to share their experiences.

Our goal is to help all Ukrainian children that became part of the Healthy Journey Project and cure their medical problems profoundly. We look for more partners to join the project and support the idea of curing more children together.

Get involved! Join Healthy Journey! 

In future, we aspire to increase the number of Ukrainian kids whom we can jointly support and to do that we need your aid and collaboration!


  • - Examination of children’s health via blood tests and any other type of analysis;

  • - Creation of personal medical cards for each child in project;

  • - Consultations with therapist and other specialized doctors;

  • - Supplying necessary medication, surgeries, and procedures needed in each unique case;

  • - Psychological help from the specialized doctors;

  • - Dentist help;

  • - Nutrition program;

  • - Leading every kid to the full recovery.

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