The TulSun Foundation keeps up constant communication with the orphanages and special needs centers we support. This way, we are continuously aware of what the children need: clothes, food, medicine, a renovated room or new heating equipment.

A basic requirement to pursue important goals like education and sports is to make sure kids in Ukrainian orphanages have basic material support, especially in terms of health and living conditions. In this area, the TulSun Foundation provides help with the most critical needs as they arise. Examples of this are our projects on heating and renovations in the city of Toretsk (located near the frontlines of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine), where the TulSun foundation, assisted by ControlPay and UNICEF Ukraine, installed 12 professional heating systems for 4 schools (and 368 kids) to keep warm during the harsh winter.

Similar examples include supplying heating equipment, renovation materials and medicine to orphanages and shelters in the Kyiv and Kropyvntyskyy regions.

What the project does:

  • - Helps children in the most critical circumstances

  • - Makes sure kids have the basic health necessities (such as warmth and medicine)

  • - Improves children's living conditions
  • - Builds connections with remote orphanages and the most vulnerable children.

How you can do incredible things for kids:

  • - Help orphanages with renovations and heating equipment

  • - Provide medicine or other basic supplies to kids when it is most important

  • - Give logistical assistance to deliver supplies to kids

  • - Help the project with media coverage or with any of your own ideas!



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