Karel Kinds visited Irpin
This project sponsored by
Interesting day! Wonderful guests arrived today to Irpin!
It is the top management of ControlPay and TulSun Foundation - Karel Kinds, Bram Wegh and Vita Iakhvan. 

With the support of ControlPay, TulSun Foundation is funding scholarship program for gifted children of Irpin. The payout will amount to 300 UAH for a monthly basis. The goal is not simply to reward some students for outstanding performance or victory in sports championship. The main goal is to motivate all children of personal accomplishments and improvement.

To date, the list of students recommended for a scholarship is enlarging. The number will constantly change. At the end of each quarter of the school year the list of scholarship holders is changing. Every child will have a chance to get monetary compensation only because of his or her hard work.

Now we are talking only about Irpin. However, from the next year the project will be released on the regional level. The whole process is stupendous and it will be passing under the vigilant control of the sponsor. Lists of recommended students and their achievements compiled by the Department of education of Irpin will be further checked.


Moreover, talking about expanding cooperation we exchange experiences in Holland with teachers, we manage youth international exchanges involving young people from Irpin to vocational guidance as visiting the office in Kiev, assisting of new computer technologies implementation in Irpin schools, and so on. For 12 years our company is represented on the market of Ukraine. We had started with a simple food supplying charity at the orphanage and now we are implementing projects that promote systemic changes in the country. The company is the ideological engine of collaboration between EU and Ukraine. Our company tends to show residents of the Netherlands and the EU that Ukraine is European country with a common future. We are really glad to cooperate with and we believe that our projects are successful because they are aimed at the development of our children!

This section of the website is coming very soon! If you need any information urgently, please contact us at tulsun.foundation@gmail.com