How we work

It is an agonizing fact that even today many children in Ukraine are still suffering extreme hardship, abuse and neglect. Too often their problems are ignored and their voices unheard. Now it is time to listen and act.

The TulSun Foundation is a charity that runs local services, helps children when they are at their most vulnerable and have no one left to turn to.

Besides, we campaign for bringing changes to the laws affecting children, in pursuance to stop the mistakes of the past from being repeated in the future.

Our supporters across the country fund our services and join our campaigns to show children that they are on their side. Get in touch if you have any questions about any aspect of our work.

Become a fundraiser:

Giving your time to fundraise for The TulSun Foundation is a rewarding, fun way to transform the lives of the children suffering through poverty and neglect. Each year our supporters raise funds through fundraising events which make a huge difference to children we are helping. Whether you want to organize a run, are fundraising as a group at your company, or simply want to see how you can get involved, we have ideas and resources to support you.

There are many ways in which you can help children: fundraise, donate, campaign and volunteer.

Contact us if you are ready to be on our team.

As a supporter of The TulSun Foundation, you help us fight child abuse and neglect, and change laws and opinions that affect the most vulnerable children in this country.

Your generosity allows us to deliver real change for children on a larger scale than ever before.

To show you how important and inspiring your support is, we wish to be in touch with you and share with you in which way you are changing young lives. We want you to see if there are other ways in which you may like to support vulnerable children. Whether you give your time, money or voice, together we are achieving an improvement for children across the country.

Our promise to you

1. We will keep you up-to-date in any way that works for you.

We disclose all and any information you wish on how you are helping and changing children's lives, thus you are aware of how your money is being distributed.

2. Our staff treats people sympathetically.

We are especially careful and emphatic while talking to people who appear to be vulnerable. We have managed to put appropriate training in place to ensure that our staff, who works on our behalf, acts ethically.

We regularly check on this and we will always take action if people acting on our behalf fail to meet our high standards.

3. We meet high fundraising and data protection standards

We strictly adhere to all fundraising and data protection legislation and guidelines.

Respectful, open, honest and accountable – our main aims! Our Fundraising Regulator registration Contact us if you need our reports.

Our RSIN number: 856893468

To learn more about our team you can visit chapter ABOUT US

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