Kid to Kid festival conclusion and photo-report

02-07-2019 16:38:00

Our memories and appreciation from the Kit to Kid charity festival!

When you are surrounded by the warmth of true kindness, by the sunshine of the brightest smiles, not even the wind and weather can stop the light of sincere emotions!

Friends, we are eternally grateful to you for this day, truly! It will always remain in our memories (and we hope – in yours as well!) as a bright, happy celebration. But most important of all is the support and joy we bring to the kids with your help, we are always thankful for that.

A huge thanks to ControlPay - The Global Freight Audit Company, DEOL Partners, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel,  Universum Clinic, Premier Palace Hotel, FIZIKA, All Stars Boxing Club, Senator Apartments, Моршинська, What's On Kyiv, Kyiv City Roast, to ALL our partners and simply to individual guests from friendly companies for making this day truly wonderful!

You can check out the full gallery and photo-report here!



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