Charity volleyball tournament

02-08-2019 17:56:00

Every year, we end our volleyball season with a charity tournament...

First of all - to support Ukrainian children (as all the team registration fees go to charity projects for children's health, development and education), and second - to celebrate the amazing people that help charity become a reality!

Thank you to all of our partners for the support, for the smiles, friendship, sincerity and kindness!

Thank you to ControlPay - The Global Freight Audit Company, DEOL Partners, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel, Senator Apartments, KPMG Ukraine, Універсум Клінік Universum Clinic, Hilton Kyiv, TEFFI Law Firm, Моршинська and everyone who continues or is starting to support kids in our projects!

To the winners and everyone who participated – you are amazing! Though we finalize our sports season for 2019, we will soon come back with new projects in support of the kids, stay tuned and may you enjoy these warm summer days.

Check out the full photo gallery here.

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