Our vision


Karel Kinds,

Founder and Chairman

Charity can be different.

We help children find a path in life: through education, sports and health activities, as well as material support where needed. The highest goal we have is to make children's lives better, kinder, safer and to give them a chance for success in the future.

The TulSun Foundation connects companies and individual volunteers with orphans and special needs children to change the world one step at a time… through life-defining childhood experiences.

This is how we do charity: real events, real people and lasting relationships that you can see, feel and experience together with us. Every child's smile is the result of your kindness and assistance, facilitated by our efforts. Every educational project is a young person’s journey that started with your help. Every reconstructed building is a warm home to hopeful kids.

Our projects are tangible and meaningful: something you can see and even visit yourself. A sunny day playing volleyball among smiling faces, a new colorful classroom for special needs kids and many other long-term and immediate projects that bring real change.

For the TulSun team, charity means giving children the most important thing of all: direct support from people who actually care.

Our story and values

The TulSun Foundation is a meeting of two dreams, from two sides of Europe. A dream to bring happiness to those who need hope and support, and a dream to make your country a kinder, better place.

This is why our name is derived from two national symbols: the Dutch tulip and the Ukrainian sunflower. Two representations of life, love and family.


The TulSun Foundation started out as the social responsibility department of the leading global freight audit company, ControlPay, in the early 2000s. After establishing the company’s head office in Kyiv, ControlPay’s Dutch founder, Karel Kinds set an additional priority for the firm: to have a positive social impact, to assist those in need, especially children. Having lived both in the Netherlands and in Ukraine, the Dutch management of the company knew how large the difference in economic status was… and how desperately some kids needed help.

Starting from 2016, the TulSun Foundation is an independent organization with a direct goal of helping children. We have no political, governmental or religious associations. Since our inception, we have provided help to more than 2300 kids in over 25 events/projects. We have partnered with UNICEF, 20 global companies like Puma, PPD, ZAMMLER GROUP, Intercontinental , as well as local businesses and volunteers to offer much needed assistance to children all over Ukraine. TulSun focuses on delivering real, tangible help that can be seen by our supporters.


We value our Dutch heritage and the kindness it inspires, as well as our Ukrainian heart.

This is why we place so much emphasis on our European values and principles:

Transparency and efficiency

TulSun is transparent and clear in its operations. Our help is provided directly to those who need it. It is done explicitly and with no extra costs. We do everything in our power to make our projects efficient in giving material, psychological and emotional assistance.


Every project that we create is in one of two categories: those that provide help in emergency situations and those that focus on achieving long-term positive effects for the children. This is why we pay special attention to education, sports and emotional support.

Direct assistance

We aim to help children based on real individual needs. We work extra hard to find out the wishes, problems and situations of the kids. This way our assistance is provided to a real person, with a story, a heart and a life journey. 

You can view our official documentation in Dutch by clicking here.

The TulSun foundation is also officially supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, you can view the official letter of support here.

Our goals


Education and sports

We want to show children all the wonderful opportunities life has to offer. This is why we involve companies and individuals in projects that help children learn and develop new skills.


Social responsibility

We encourage companies and individual volunteers to support charitable and social projects, simultaneously showing them how beneficial these can be for teambuilding and developing empathy.


Long-term support

We create long-term projects to help orphanages and centers for special needs children. We communicate and provide assistance when it’s needed the most. TulSun always aims for lasting benefits instead of one-time actions.



Karel Kinds

Founder and Chairman


Olga Rudych



Julia Rudenko

Fundraising manager


Ivan Shovkoplias

Communications manager

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