Personal Santa Clause

Everyone in this world somehow believes in miracles, especially on the eve of  New Year...  

For every child this holiday is especially bright, fabulous and long-awaited. Children will write letters to Santa Claus and each of them wants something special and important.

Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill the majority of these children`s dreams as the family, but we can make them happier granting their little wishes, whereby permitting them believe in miracles and our support. 

At the end of 2016, we made a small new year's holiday in children's home "Malyatko". We also congratulated the pupils of the public organization "We are friends", they are our children with special needs. 


Each child wrote a letter to Santa Claus and we read those letters carefully leave no envelope unattended. 


Around 150 children got gifts they had asked for. 


And, of course, our old friends Fysochenko family type orphanage didn`t go unnoticed. These people created a large family, with native daughter, they have adopted 8 more children. We also make a visit to this large family. 


Children's dreams should be carried out with the support of ControlPay, we realized those dreams!


Happy New, 2017, Year ! 

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