Inclusive education - Children with special needs. Who they are.

"Opening doors" for children with Down syndrome.

We turn away from these kids. Their look scares us. They make us feel sorry for them. We hide them. Why? Because they are Down! For children with Down syndrome all doors are closed. It has always been like this! Is it a really true? But children with Down syndrome live, develop, play, make friends and love, they are "sun" children. Just for this, they need special conditions. And this is a task of adults to create such environment for "sun" children. Adults! People! Parents! Let's work together to change the lives of children with Down syndrome for the better. We have to be able to do it, right? All these children are ours! For many years I have been working and actually I have spent most of my life among the special children, most of them with Down syndrome. 10 years ago the doors of many institutions were closed to them. Parents were desperate. Coming back from hospitals and holding a child`s hand parents face unknown. What to do? Whom to contact with? Who to ask for help? Analyzing this situation, we set to work and set a goal as "open doors" for children with Down syndrome. Here's what we`ve got.

2005. Doors Open Day in early intervention Center for children with mental retardation, speech disorders, Down syndrome, autism. At that time it was the first early intervention Center in Kiev.

2007. Doors Open Day for inclusive groups in kindergartens of the Kiev city (No. 662 and No. 291). Children with Down syndrome and healthy children are in one group, where they play, make friends, fight and rejoice. To adopt a special child, not such as all this is a huge breakthrough in the spiritual development of our society. It was the first inclusive groups for children with Down syndrome in Kyiv and Ukraine.

2009. Doors Open Day in the Kanis-therapy Center is a therapeutic relationship between the child and the dog. When I came to this special class with children and a dog, I have remarked the dog was the dog-therapist. And for 10 years Labrador Lina have been helping children to grow, to play, to walk and talk. That was the first therapy dog in Kiev and Ukraine. Now a new therapist Labrador Mishuta is still growing up.

2013. Our dream, our project - the opening of Ukraine's first children's sanatorium psychological profile "Borsuchok". This is the place where harmoniously combined modern educational, rehabilitative and psychological techniques. This is a place where people receive psychological support, help and friendship of the family with special children not only from Kiev but also from distant villages and small towns. Believe me, for these children, this sanatorium is extremely important. Friends, let us all do good deeds. There are no foreign children. All children are ours! Sincerely, Valeriya Kuksa child psychologist, the founder of public organization "We are Friends" and public organization "In children's palms"

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