What a funny party! How was it? - It was brightly, not ordinary, with young guests and an incredible amount of amazing pumpkins!

A little bit of history. For the first time the name of Halloween Challenge (Halloween) was mentioned in 1745. The word comes from the English Hallow'en - reducing expression All Hallow's Eve - the evening (Eve)All Saints' Day, which in turn stands for All Hallowed Souls Eve - literally: Towards Evening of All Saints Roll - because every child, in one way or the other, can assume a small angel - our company has decided to invite Fysochenko's family with orphanage children in it. For a long time we thought how a celebration should looks like and at last we decided it will be costume party with lots of fun, sweets, laugh and joy. Most holiday symbols have a long history. For example, Jack-o-lantern phenomena came from Celtic whose idea was to create custom lights that help the souls find a way to purgatory. Our pumpkins help to find a smile in the middle of working week. By the way, they were children and company employees who made all pumpkins! Themed makeup did this holiday more atmospheric - we had witches, cats, movie heroes, jokers and many other interesting and colorful persons. Everybody has been playing different games, has been learning new English words, has been dancing and tasting cupcakes and sweets. The aim of our meeting was to introduce the staff and children. We would like to demonstrate that we are all alive and real, and each of as meets a daily challenges. Such celebration was held for the first time in our company, but for sure not for the last! So we hope our instance will be a good example for other companies. Support of each other could lead the world to the better future! We congratulate our employees with a new and good tradition.

As they say there is a time for a work, there is time for celebration! Let everyone be happy!

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