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Several visits to the Ukrainian city, dozens of meetings, many hours of analysis and study of the topic were made and finally we get start!

For the first time in Ukraine we started up a "pilot" project monthly scholarships paying for students of 1-11 grades. Payments occur through sponsoring company that funded the project.


This project includes the following aspects: from September to May including (academic year), students of 1 - 11 classes of high academic achievement and achievement in the sport will receive monthly scholarships by transferring money to their personal cards ("Junior" account in PrivatBank).  We understand high academic achievement as taking part in different scientific Olympiads and competitions and the average mark for the semester should be 11 points (12 point scale); high achievements in sport as a participation in competitions, sports days, competitions on national and international levels.


Today, more than 250 students from the Kiev region receive monthly scholarships.


Scholarship holders are not stable, they approved by special, independent commission at the beginning of every semester. The structure of the Commission includes representatives of sponsors, representatives of the city education department are submitted for a scholarship program, management of the Fund and uninterested persons.

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