In January 2017 «TulSun Foundation" together with «Space Studio» within the project «SMILE» did a photo shoot for the family Fysochenko.


This family really respects Ukrainian traditions and all national costumes are inherited from previous generations of the family - in memory of their ancestors and the history of Ukraine. So the idea is to make a keepsake concerning our Ukrainian traditions and to remind you of the beauty and peculiarities of our culture.


Nowadays in Ukraine there are large families which do not have the capacity to give vivid events, except vital necessary things. On this day, the whole family and crew got memorable emotions! Children have never taken part in such events, they were amazed how interesting and bright could be the event – a look at «backstage» ensures you in it

Yana Fysochenko liked that day more than others. She was excited about working with the photographer. While shooting Yana was thinking about the profession of photographer, because it can be so instructive and fun.

And maybe some time later, we will see pictures of our Ukraine signed by famous photographer Janina Fysochenko.

(left to right: Yanina Fysochenko (15 y.o.), Olya Fysochenko (16 y.o.), Nastya Fysochenko (19 y.o.),  Karina Fysochenko (14 y.o.),
Nastya Fysochenko (13 y.o.))

We are happy to inspire our children.
We are happy to give vivid emotions and smiles.

“TulSun Foundation”

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