Help Ukraine fulfill its global mission

Our main idea is to help children any effective way.

TulSan Foundation - a Dutch charity organization that operates in Ukraine, and our main areas are: adoption, education and sport, volunteering, help and support. We also strive to develop and maintain inclusive education in Ukraine. It  is essential for us active participation in the life of children and adults with Down syndrome, not least to help them develop but help society adapt to children and adults with special needs.

TulSun Foundation is only 9 months, but plans for its creation arose much earlier. Ideological founder is Karel Kinds - founder of ControlPay (company engaged in logistics and freight audit). Karel has been operating in Ukraine for over 15 years tries to actively participate in various social projects. Thanks to a strong will of Karel Kinds,  in September 2016 in Ukraine the TulSun Foundation starts his work - "Tul" short for tulip, "Sun" short for sunflower - two flowers, symbolizing the two countries - the Netherlands and Ukraine.

Difficulties in managing the Fund is more than enough, especially a search for funds to implement projects. We had no problems in finding new areas for development, but, unfortunately, without financial support act is difficult. In addition to money, sometimes there are interesting obstacles bureaucratic processes in the country.

However, when you realize what it is doing - all obstacles occur absolutely essential - for the benefit of receiving much greater than the cost!


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