Winter is coming!

Recently, we got acquainted with social - rehabilitation center "Sonechko". At the end of August, we came visit them for the first time and brought the children all necessary things for the new school year. They welcomed us warmly, so we just fall in love with the children. There are only 12 kids at the center, but everyone of them is very positive and well-behaved. They need love and hugs! All the time during our visit, they hugged us played with us a lot. There are Lyudmila and Maria Stetsenky on the photo. They are twins from the family with 6 children. These two girls have a difficult life, their mother has problems with alcohol and they don't remember their father. In spite of the hardship, the girls are very obedient, well-behaved and have really good marks at school. We wish you love and family warmth. Also we remind that we have already bought warm clothes and shoes for the children, so see you very soon! If you are ready to join us - we are always glad to you!

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