Schoolbags for Fysochenko's children.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is no exception. These children apply care, love and proper education just like any other child. Fortunately, we are totally aware of this and ControlPay is connected with several caring families in Ukraine that opens their hearts and doors to orphans and to children deprived of parental care or children who need family. One of this caring folks is the family of Serhiy and Iryna Fysochenko. Four years ago, when their own daughter was in the hospital, mother Iryna noticed two little girls who had barely anything to eat or any spare clothes. Furthermore the mother of these two small children had announced she could no longer take care of them. Iryna strongly felt she had to intervene in this case and the woman with her husband decided to take charge of two kidlings and they brought them to their home in 2012. Since that time, Serhiy and Iryna brought up 6 kids. Today the Ukrainian pair tends nine children, including their own daughter. Thanks to people like Serhiy and Iryna, the world is becoming a better and children grow up in kind and safe environment. We believe that any change begins with the well-being of children and that is exactly what we are supporting right now and we will do it in the future. We began our mission with a little help buying school supplies for the children of Fysochenko family.

We are long-term engaged to arrange the suffered children`s life for better, improving our families` life and demanding to join us!

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