Philosophy of the Fund

Ukraine - is a beautiful country. Its rich in natural resources. It has the most fertile land, with rivers, seas, forests, mountains, and favorable climate. There is no overpopulation. People are open-hearted and friendly. However, most citizens in our country are on the edge of poverty, many people are left destitute! Social problems as dependencies, homelessness, discrimination and inaccessibility of education are persistent. In the course of the years of our independence, the social situation has not become better, and millions of people still need help and support. There are hundreds, thousands of those who need help right now. Otherwise, they are doomed to homelessness, illness, and to senseless death on the streets or in hospitals from common, treatable diseases. We understand that these are problems concern the system and it is impossible to solve them by one organization, or even by many organizations, no matter how powerful they are. And of course, it is impossible to change this situation in 1 year, or even in 5 years. Therefore, we descry our mission in social investment: involving more and more people in organized charity. We can change the attitude to charity through personal participation on a regular basis. We can approach  the solution of pressing social questions and change the people's mind. We also believe that an open dialogue and cooperation between non-governmental organizations, business and the state - is the exact way to improve the life conditions of many people.

Mission of the Fund

Our mission is to reach the hearts of the fortunate who are:

…lucky enough to live in an area without war;
…lucky enough to have parents;
…lucky enough to go to school;
…lucky enough to live at their home;
…lucky enough to turn on the water tap;
...lucky enough to have ample food;
...lucky enough to run a business;
...lucky enough to be able to change the lives of many families and children which also deserve to a dream.

Imagine the world without any of these statements, without any hope for a brighter future, without any dreams!! Our mission is to reach your heart and help us to help those kids and families and make them a little bit lucky too.

The Fund slogan

We are not just doing charity, we give dreams and hope for a better future.

Strategy of the Fund

The strategy of the Fund is focused on creating conditions for changing the quality of life of beneficiaries' life. The Fund team uses advanced experience to achieve the best results. We answer to the expectations of the benefactors and promote early positive changes in our society.

Goals of the Fund

  • Help Ukraine to build up her own future, become itself, and fulfill her global mission;
  • Provision of comprehensive aid and support the groups of disadvantaged population;
  • Help children who are unable to develop in full, enjoy their life and encourage children from orphanages to adjust to a real life in the community:
  • To involve children in a healthy lifestyle and support the development of skills necessary for life in society;
  • Wide-scale charity popularization among Ukrainian citizens: informing and people's participation in the Fund projects.
  • Organization of permanent and effective cooperation between the state, business and non-governmental organizations.

Our views are shared by tens of thousands of people and hundreds of organizations. They have succeeded. We invite everyone sharing our goals and principles to support our Foundation. Together we can do more!

Principles of the Fund

We observe the following four principles, which in our point of view are the most important in realization of our aims:

  • Mercy.We help distressed people selflessly, heartily, for humanity and love concepts.
  • Openness. Confidence - is the base of our existence. Openness, based on honesty - this is our creed.
  • Systematic approach. We believe that systematic and focused assistance can make significant changes in the society.
  • Efficiency. Our knowledge and experience are a recipe for an efficient charity: advisably, rationally and effectually.

Categories of assistance recipients

  • Children without parental support;
  • Disabled children and their families;
  • Large families;
  • Orphan and Boarding schools graduates;
  • Lower-income people, lonely aged poeople;
Our team
Karel KindsFounder and Chairman
Vita IakhvanCEO Ukraine
Bram WeghSecretary
Peter de Winter Treasurer
Olga RudychProject manager
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